Penelope McDuff

Penelope MacDuff is compelled to challenge the definition of Jewellery. Her undying love of fashion drives her to defy conventional form in every piece. The result uniquely reintroduces her customers to the beauty of Jewellery through her eyes. Jewellery, unlike clothing, has a durability that can last generations. Penelope MacDuff juxtaposes this longevity with the seasonal transience of fashion and in doing so, creates enduring art that you can live your life in. Penelope MacDuff Jewellery is passionately created in Dunedin, New Zealand. Raw traces of workmanship can be seen throughout every piece, creating an aesthetic of sculpted fragility that highlights it has been made with love by the human hand.
Available in store only.
Give us a call on 03 442 8988 or email to purchase.