Veja - V-12 B-Mesh -White Sari/Absinthe


The V-12 model is made from a combination of environmentally friendly and durable materials.

Upper in B-Mesh
Panels made out of C.W.L. (organic cotton covered with resin from corn & castor oil) & coated canvas
Logo V made of rubber and rice waste (23%)
100% organic cotton laces
Soft inner lining (33% organic cotton & 67% recycled plastic bottles)
Insole made of sugar cane (34%), amazonian rubber (11%), organic cotton (11%) & recycled E.V.A.* (8%)
59% bio-sourced and recycled outsole: made from amazonian rubber (24%), rice waste (23%) & recycled rubber (12%)
Made in Brazil, in the region of Porto Alegre

B-Mesh is made out of 100% recycled polyester, coming from recycled plastic bottles transformed into flakes and then into fibers in a Brazilian factory. 3 plastic bottles are needed to make one pair of VEJA. B-Mesh is a light, breathable and waterproof fabric.

C.W.L. is an innovative bio-sourced vegan alternative to leather. Its particularity is that it is made of cotton coated by a vegetal P.U.. This P.U. is composed of 50% corn waste from the food industry and 50% regular P.U..

*ethylene vinyl acetate

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